NFL on ESPN ‘21

A brand anthem to launch NFL on ESPN for the 2021-2022 season. 
To get everyone ready for the NFL season, we had our voiceover guy bust out of the booth and into the real world to get fans hyped.

TVC // End Cards // Design // Logos

We got to make a few fake newspapers properly named the “Florida Man Gazette.”
For obvious reasons, our write-ups and fake ads did not get the spotlight we thought they deserved, lol.

Made at Arts & Letters with:

CW: Rob Munk, Cory McCollum
AD: Mark Voehringer
CDs: Molly Jamison, NJ Placentra
ECD: Charles Hodges
Producers: Carole McCarty, Griffin Morrow
Editors: Kimmy Dubé, Andrew Corrales
Account: Hill Shore, Martin Madriaga
Music Supervisors: Cam DiNunzio, Casey Wheeler
Director: Kenny Herzog
DP: Jeffery Kim
VFX: Jane
Color: Steven Rodriguez

^ l o l

Also got to make a new end system and a new logo for NFL on ESPN.