College GameDay

You can’t tackle a full slate of college football on an empty stomach.
So we created the College GameDay Cereal Collection for the crew at College GameDay.
It’s the breakfast that eats other breakfasts for breakfast.

Activation // Social // Photography // Print Design // Game Design // Trailer Design
2022 Bronze Addy: Non-Traditional

Made at Arts & Letters with:

CW: Cory McCollum, Craig Gerringer
Designers: Andrew Caturano, Abbey Williamson,  John Girimont
CDs: NJ Placentra, Andrew Kong, Molly Jamison, Ignasi Tudela
Producer: London Scalise
Photographer: Ethan Hickerson
ECD: Charles Hodges,  Jed Grossman
Account: Martin Madriaga, Brenda Schneider, Erin Shepherd, Salim Collins

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