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A failed film festival for Brandcenters worst films.

(Pronounced Nah-skers) A student sourced film festival judged by Wayne Gibson and Scott Witthaus, visual storytelling professors at VCU Brandcenter. This night was dedicated to award the best-worst stuff.

Made at VCU Brandcenter with:
Donald Kim, Ray Zhang, Chloe Friedman, Lauren AcamporaKobby Amoako-Atta, Kymberli Fraser, Paige Rollins, Dakota Ward, Sean Johnson, Ruthie Edwards, Alec Milton, Kelley Barrett, Emmaline Price-Terry, Joelle Halle, Maggie Dick, Andrew Allen, Jackie Koon, Mary Gray Johnson, Colin O’Shea, Megan Reilly, Kyle Stolcis, Ben Gross, Lars Johnson, Bow Tie Cinemas, DeWolfe Music, Final Cut Pro, Scott Witthaus, and Wayne Gibson.