1999 Legacy Outback

Years of unknown abuse.

190,000 miles.

4 years of ownership.

Countless trips.

The work put into this car was a labor of love and a great opportunity to learn. It helped that it was also fun.

Maintenance Record

  • JDM EJ25 Boxer engine swap (block was tapped and died for EGR port to intake)
  • Resurfaced USDM intake manifold
  • JDM power steering pump
  • JDM AC condenser
  • Aftermarket AC radiator
  • JDM clutch swap
  • OEM clutch slave cylinder
  • NKG spark plugs and spark plug wires
  • Valve cover gaskets, muffler gaskets, intake gasket, 
  • OEM catalytic converter
  • (3) o2 sensors
  • Aftermarket exhaust manifold
  • 5th gear rebuilt
  • Kartboy short throw shifter and bushings
  • 2005 5x100 17" WRX wheel set wrapped in Toyo Proxes
  • OEM fuel filler neck replacement
  • Rotors and pads all around
  • Complete leather interior fabrication and install (2002 Outback), including rewiring for motorized driver's seat
  • OEM driver door and key mechanism replaced
  • Dynamat sound and thermal dampening
  • OEM muffler and exhaust piping installed to replace the "too loud" MagnaFlow muffler

(JDM labeled parts are intended for the Japanese Domestic Market, USDM parts are intended for the United States Domestic Market, OEM parts are Original Equipment Manufacturer)