Fan Fic -

The fan fiction

generation card game

Fan Fic is a story generation card game inspired by the joy of creating stories with "off-brand" fictional characters.

Copywriter: Lars Ballard

Art Director: Lauren Acampora

Experience Designer: Belem Medina

Art Director: Joe Jones



  1. Shuffle the red character cards and blue element cards separately. 
  2. Deal five blue element cards to each player.
  3. Any player can draw three red character cards from the deck and place them on the board. In the absence of a volunteer, the eldest player draws the first three red cards. 
  4. Each round, players make up a story using at least two blue cards and one red card. This is the lowest possible limit. Players can use as many as all five of their blue cards and three red cards (but they may only use the cards currently on the board and in their hand).
  5. Players have 1 minute (as a group) to formulate their stories and 1 minute each to pitch. After each round, all players vote on who had the best story (you cannot vote for yourself).
  6. The player with the most votes at the end of each round gets an up-vote token and draws the next three red cards to be played.
  7. The player who won the previous round is also the first to pitch their story in the next round, then the rest of the players follow in a clockwise fashion.
  8. Once all of the up-vote tokens have been awarded, the player with the most tokens wins. 
  9. In the event of a tie, the players who are tied face off in a sudden death round where all three of the character cards in play are invented by the other players using the pads of paper and pen provided.


Blue cards: 

Every player starts with a hand of five blue cards. At the beginning of each round, players draw as many cards as they used in the previous round. Your hand may not exceed five cards. 

Story requirements: 

Each story must utilize at least two blue cards and one red card. 

Swapping cards: 

You can give up your story pitch and use a round to swap out some or all of the five cards in your hand. 

Blank red cards: 

If it’s your turn to draw character cards from the deck to be placed on the board and you draw a blank one, use the pad and pencil to create a card with any noun of your choice.

Ending the game: 

The game is over once all ten up-vote tokens have been awarded.