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Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s is a company built on one man’s undying love for feet.
His legacy lives on in his company and all of its employees to this day.

A campaign for Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts. Feet are our fetish. #feetplease
Print // OOH // Packaging // Website // E-commerce // Radio/Songs // Scripts // Merch

Packaging redesign + new product introduction

E-commerce introduction

The employee website for training purposes only.

Employee reward + radio + songs


Oh, oh yeah girl,
Let me take your piggies to market.
You know I got what you need.
I am a pro at what goes on your soles,
I put your mind at ease.
Whoa oh, yeah.

Dr. Scholl’s, feet, please


Baby girl, I got something I want to tell you, listen.
I got a jones and I donʼt care who knows,
About this special bond I have with your 10 toes.
I wanna get a feel for your heels
Because Iʼm sweet on your feet.
Step on up baby, I got what you need.

Dr. Scholl’s, feet, please


Yeah, yeah
Just call me the doctor,
With every step Iʼll take you farther
Farther than youʼve ever been,
Because your step I relish in.
From you heels to your arches,
I feel alone when weʼve departed
Canʼt stand when you leave,
You make me feel so complete.

Dr. Scholl’s, feet, please


Made at VCU Brandcenter with Kobby Amoako-Atta