Skechers Footwear (1)

Print Ad Redesign

"12 hours a day. 11 month busy season. 15 total days off. If anyone knows a busy schedule it’s Mr. Lowe, and comfort means everything. Keep it rolling."

A more mature approach is taken with this redesign. This ad redesign remembers who the celebrity is and portrays Mr. Lowe in a artistic and tasteful light. The double exposure effect depicts a snapshot of a 12-hour day. A day filled with travel, persistent weather, fatigue and of course the most grueling factor of them all–walking. 


G Suite by Google (2)


Since 2014, Google has offered software, apps, and products from Google Drive under various brand names. Currently, G Suite by Google Cloud is the name of choice. Simply dropping the “by Google Cloud” from the G Suite name, and adding “by Google”, the product is simplified, informing the user that the software and tools are offered by Google– a reputable brand name. This piece of collateral and its counterparts communicate the horror of corrupt, lost, deleted files and how this frustration affects workflow. Fortunately, this frustration can be relieved with G Suite by Google at a low cost.


Snapchat Discover - 

IGN Story Gif  

Within the Discover dashboard of Snapchat, IGN writes and develops content for the tech and gaming industry. Naturally, this is a relevant placement for a G Suite ad. On this platform short animations are perfect for quick scrolling. This animation is short, simple, and to the point; The perfect storm to engage not only subscribers of IGN but regular Snapchat users as well to learn more about G Suite by Google.

Spotify Desktop Overlay

Due to the nature of this short animation, this quick spot is used as a desktop overlay. When a user clicks on the overlay, they are directed to the G Suite website for more details. These overlays are timed out after 10 seconds while the Spotify program window is selected.

SMI Snow Makers International (2.5)


campaign RATIONALE

Since 1974 SMI Snow Makers has been an established global brand. SMI is responsible for the manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and setup of snow making machines for various resorts–and has been an industry leader ever since. The focus in this small campaign is to communicate the deep rooted tradition of innovation and quality products. Because of the high quality of SMI’s machines and their products, it’s no wonder that they have been a partner and provider to the Winter Olympics for seven consecutive games. This campaign communicates to resort owners the longevity of the tried and true SMI Standard Polecat.

Facebook post

This post highlights the continued Olympic partnership of the 2018 Olympic Winter games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Kiwi Shoe Care (3)


campaign RATIONALE

Kiwi is an Australian shoe care line with a 111-year-old shoe care legacy. Since the majority of past Kiwi ads have been focused on shine, I wanted to revert back to basics–the timeless and traditional Kiwi mascot. The Kiwi is a focal point of the brand but has been forgotten. Within these ads, the spotlight finds itself on a modern, revamped version of the Kiwi brand icon. He is excited, joyful, and adorable. Each ad within its respective media encourages the end user to “take ‘em with you”–Instilling in consumers that any time they use Kiwi brand shoe products, they take the little guy too.


Snapchat Discover - 

Vouge story Gif


Within the Discover dashboard of Snapchat, the fashion publication Vogue generates content that is style and beauty driven. The majority of Vogue’s Discover tab focuses on attire. With a specific and targeted audience, the relevance of these short animations can reach their full potential. On the first slide the copy is brief, begging for the user to swipe up to the ad on the next slide. After a quick swipe the user clicks the ad and is directed to Kiwi's product page.


Spotify Desktop Overlay

The correlation between music selection and brands are key. The Spotify ad spend will target users during traditional work hours between 8am-6pm. Along with users of this time span, targeting listeners of the Spotify branded playlists such as “Happy to be Home” “Stepping Out” and “New Boots” are ways to gather listenership from those who are relaxing or on their way home. Within these groups, it is important to keep animations short as patience may been thin after a long day of work. When a user clicks on the overlay they are directed to Kiwi’s product page. 


Web banner

Media placement is vital for these Kiwi web banner ads. For this reason, websites that specialize in ecommerce for footwear is the first target. Websites such as DSW will host short copy ads, while enabling cookies on visits to the Kiwi website and social media platforms to ensure a relevant ad spend.



This post highlights the revamped Kiwi mascot with simplistic copy.